Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Getting ready for Father's Story Week

Stepney Partnership schools are getting ready for Father's Story Week (June 14-18), is an exciting initiative from the Fatherhood Institute all about involving Dads in their children's learning.
Staff from Stepney Partnership schools helped the Fatherhood Institute to shape this national project.
Over the coming weeks on this blog, we will share what the schools are doing....
Redlands schools is organising a special ‘family homework’ during that week which will encourage children across all years to do something with their Fathers at home, most of the ideas are inspired by the Fatherhood Institute website.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Year 6 Transition Project at Half Moon Theatre

The children had an amazing time at the Year 6 Transition project at Half Moon Theatre this week. Sixteen children from across four primary schools took part in drama workshops, activities and games all week to prepare for going to secondary school. Three Year 7 boys from Stepney Green joined us on the final day. Parents joined us on Monday and Friday.

Children said the best thing was making friends and playing with children from other primary schools...."Meeting new people has been very helpful to me because I met them them and didn't want to play with them but when I played the activities they were very funny and active"

Everyone received a certificate for taking part. Check out some photos below.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Toads, Lizards, Waterworms, Spiders and lots more...

What a beautiful day. We are were so lucky with the weather as 9 Redlands Dads walked with their Reception/Year 1 children to the Ecology Centre at Mile End Park. The Park Rangers led two activities - pond dipping and mini-beast hunting. We found so many different animals!

Each family got a disposable camera so they could have pictures to remember the day.