Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Family Scrapbooks

It was great to see so many children bring in their family scrap books from the summer holidays. Before the summer holidays, each child across the partnership received a blank scrapbook, glue stick and family map before the summer holidays.

The aim of the family homework was to encourage parents and children to spend time learning together, and to get out and about in their local area. The family scrap books had everything from bus/train tickets, photos, drawings, writing, leaves and even pebbles from the beach!

Stepney Partnership schools will be setting a family homework six times during the school year to try to involve parents in their children’s learning. The next homework will be about Black History Month in October.

“My Mum helped me write in my scrapbook, and my Dad helped me to stick in pictures and come with pictures to draw” (Redland’s child)

“I learned how to help my daughter with her homework, and how I can make it fun so that she want to take part more” (Halley parent)

“I learned that we can do so many things as a family” (Redland’s child)