Wednesday, 27 October 2010

African Drumming

Over 50 children and parents come to an amazing African drumming workshop in the hall at Stepney Green. What a magnificent noise, and all in rhythm too! The workshop was part of Stepney Partnership's half-term activities for Black History Month. Check out the photos by clicking below...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Museum of London Docklands

Over 30 children and parents from across Stepney Partnership schools went to the Museum of London (Docklands) over half-term. The highlight was playing hide and seek in 'Sailortown' and listening to Abdul Miah the Indian sailor with tales of his travels. The trip was part of Stepney Partnership's activities for Black History Month. See photos below...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Let's Get Cooking Event at Halley

Halley School are inviting families from across the partnership to take part in a 'Let’s Get Cooking' event on Thursday 11 November after school. The event is to help families to make healthy packed lunches. Three families from each partner school are invited! The event will be like the TV programme Ready Steady Cook - families will have to make healthy packed lunches from the available ingredients!

Friday, 15 October 2010

'Just One Thing'

This year the Stepney Partnership will bring together specific staff from the partnership schools (Ben Jonson, Cayley, Halley, Redlands, Smithy Street and Stepney Green Maths Computing & Science College). The aim is for staff to meet their counterparts in other schools, and then to agree ‘JUST ONE THING’ they will do together in the future. It doesn’t have to be big or complex…something simple that encourages sharing of knowledge, resources, and/or information across the partnership.

The first meeting on the 12th October brought together Attendance Lead Contacts across the partnership. It was a great meeting! Staff agreed to share a wide range of practical resources like posters, leaflets and ways of working. The next meeting is for people responsible for 'Transition' from each school.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Family Homework - Black History Month

Stepney Partnership schools are working together to give children and families exciting homework so that families, friends and neighbours can learn together. The next family homework is all about Black History Month, and is for October half-term

1) Become a family biographer -
Does someone in your family, or friends or neighbours come from somewhere else in the world? Were they born there? You (and your brothers and sisters) could interview this person to find out why they came to Stepney/London. Make it more interesting by finding an older person —maybe older than your parents. If there are a number of you doing this you could share out the jobs eg an interviewer, a note taker, a photographer (or portrait artist!) as well as the ‘official biographer’!

2) Take a family trip
London has people from all corners of the world. Take a family trip over half-term to discover the history and people of London.

3) Cook some carribbean food
There are large numbers of people who live in London, who come from, or their families came from, the Caribbean. Caribbean food is delicious! Find some recipes for Caribbean food (go to the Ideas Store or search the internet). When you have found something to try, plan the shopping—you might have to go to some different shops to find unusual ingredients, although Sainsbury will stock most things.

These are just ideas you can do anything you want, as long as you do it together as a family.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Get ready for Father's Story Week 2011!

Fathers from across the partnership school loved 'Father's Story Week' last year! Hundreds of Dads took part in activities including a Dad's Olympics, portrait painting, a paper aeroplane making competition and lots more.

Now it is time to sign up and start planning for Father's Story Week 2011 (13-19 June). Visit the Father's Story Week website for more information.
Pictures show Fathers from Redlands Primary School.

Family Trips over Half-Term

We have three FREE family activities coming up over half-term linked to the theme of Black History Month:

1) Saturday 23 October Family trip to Half Moon Theatre to watch Handa's Surprise with puppets, African instruments and songs

2) Tuesday 26 October Family trip to Museum of London - find out about the history of London in a fun museum, great for all ages.

3) Wednesday 27 October - Family music and dance workshop by Iroko Theatre at Stepney Green School

To sign up, see posters in school.