Thursday, 20 January 2011

Family ICT Celebration

Parents and children who took part in our ICT project came together at Stepney Green to share the Powerpoint Presentations they had made.

The presentations were excellent. And we found out for some parents it was the first time they had held a computer mouse!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Parent Voice Sessions

The Stepney Partnership is coming to the end of its original funding, and we are thinking about applying for new funding from different places. Before we do, we want to find out the views of parents.

Ben will be running a 'Parent Voice' session in each of the partner schools over the next few weeks to find out views. He will then present views to Headteachers and other staff at a Stepney Partnership Away Day on the 15th February.

In the sessions, parents will be asked four questions:
1) What learning opportunities will help prepare your child for adult life
2) Which of these learning opportunities are responsibility of (a) family (b) school (c) both together?
3) What challenges do you (and other family members) face in supporting your children to learn?
4) What will be the main opportunities and challenges for families living in Stepney in the years ahead?