Saturday, 25 February 2012

Florence Nightingale Museum

Our final 'heroes & heroines' themed family trip took us to the rather wonderful Florence Nightingale Museum based at St.Thomas Hospital in Westminster.

After a hectic trip across Westminster Bridge (where we saw Big Ben the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye) we were greeted by Florence Nightingale at the museum.

Children and parents were transfixed as Florence Nightingale told us her amazing story. During the Crimerian War 150 years ago, she changed the way injured soldiers were cared for in hospital. She described the awful conditions that soldiers suffered before she cleaned up the hospitals and made sure there was proper equipment and medication.

Finally, families took part in interactive activities which included dressing up! The trip was part of Stepney Partnership's holiday and weekend programme.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Brunel Museum

What an amazing afternoon for Stepney Partnership families! IK Brunel (well, Robert, Director of the Museum who dressed up as him) met us on the platform at Wapping train station. He gave us a brief talk about the Thames Tunnel before taking us on a tour of the river and the Brunel Museum.

We did some excellent mask making with Lucy. Children and parents chose different 'characters' that would be part of the tunnel building process.

Finally, we went on an underground adventure, squeezing our way into a a huge and cavernous underground space which used to be the grand entrance to the Thames Tunnel. We did some singing in the dark, and made our way carefully above ground (the lights refused to come back on!).

Thanks to everyone at the Brunel Museum, we recommend that you make a visit there sometime! The trip was part of Stepney Partnership's holiday activities and linked to the family homework theme of 'heroes and heroines'.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Storytelling Workshops

Stepney Partnership ran a 'heroes and heroines' storytelling adventure today with Rez Kabir. Rez had families spellbound as he told three stories from around the world about different heroes and heroines including 'Thesius and the Minotaur' and 'The Monkeys and the Haunted Bell'.

Families then got a chance to make up their stories which included mad characters including evil robots and superdogs! Families used musical instruments to help tell their stories.

Big thanks to Rez!

The workshops were part of Stepney Partnership's holiday activities and linked to the family homework theme of 'heroes and heroines'.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stepney Maths League at Smithy Street

Well done to children across the five primary schools who took part in the Stepney Maths League earlier today. Thanks to Smithy Street for hosting the event, and well done to the children from Smithy Street for winning the heat.