Thursday, 14 July 2011

Families win awards at Houses of Parliament

Big congratulations to six Stepney Partnership families who won an important national award at the House or Lords last night. The families were:

Ben Jonson – Laila Ali - Liban, Sahra, Llyas
Cayley – Aysha Islam, Aadam, Safiyya, Aaliyah
Halley – Andrea Phillips, Jane, Jadie
Redlands – Mohammed Rasel, Rahina Begum, Eshetha, Norrien, Yunus
Smithy Street - Rukia Khanom, Haneefah
Stepney Green – Bodrul Ahmed, Mr. Ullah

The families received their award for the huge impact that parents/carers have had on their children’s learning and the wider community. The Youth Achievement Awards were organised by the Universal Peace Federation and included inspiring stories from young people across the UK.

We had a real adventure which started with a boat trip from Tower Bridge to Westminster. Families then received their awards from Lord King. Finally, and with huge exictement from the families, we had a special tour of the House of Commons from Rushanara Ali (MP for Bethnal Green and Bow). Rushanara was very proud of the families, and we are all very grateful for the time she spent talking to children and parents.

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